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Preferred File Formats


Portable Document Format or PDF is a file format created by Adobe Systems Inc.
PDF uses the PostScript printer description language and is highly portable across computer platforms. PDF documents have a .pdf file extension (myfile.pdf)


A bitmapped graphics file format developed by Aldus and Microsoft that handles monochrome, grayscale, 8-and 24-bit color. TIFF is widely used in book publishing and other print-related industries and allows for customization.


Commonly used method of compression for photographic images for the web.
A universally used file type for shooting, printing and distributing images. Data is compressed to allow for smaller files thus saving memory space.


Our preferred format for supplying images is high resolution Tiff (300dpi) or high resolution Jpeg if not able to supply a Tiff.

NB: Jpeg format is a compressed format which reduces the quality of the image in comparison to Tiff format.


Preferred Design Software

  Adobe InDesign   ADOBE INDESIGN   Used to create works such as brochures, magazines and books etc.
  Adobe Illustrator   ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR   Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editor. Great for designing logos.
  Adobe Photoshop   ADOBE PHOTOSHOP   Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editing program. Great for editing photos.
  Microsft Word   MICROSOFT WORD   Generally used to create letters and text documents.
  Microsoft Publisher   MICROSOFT PUBLISHER   Micosoft's own basic software to create brochures, posters & books etc.
  CorelDRAW   CORELDRAW   Vector graphics editor commonly used for large format printing and logos.

NB: If supplying artwork in any of these formats, a file setup fee generally applies for converting files to a usable format for our system.


Method 1
Exporting as PDF: create with Press Quality Adobe PDF preset

Method 2
Distill Post Script File: Print to File and Save Postscript File, Distill Postscript File using High Quality Adobe Acrobat Distiller


If you are not able to supply your artwork as a PDF file we may request supply of all Fonts and Images with your original file format.


Due to the varying nature of printing, it is also a good idea to supply a hard copy of your artwork. This will allow us to match colours and images as close as possible to the supplied hard copy if an accurate reproduction is important.

NB: It is not always easy to re-produce artwork accurately without file manipulation. If file manipulation is required, additional artwork fees may apply. Production turnaround times may also be slowed down if we need to correct or re-set artwork due to files not being supplied in preferred formats.

If your job requires offset printing (generally for larger quantities – may need to ask us before supplying artwork), artwork is to be supplied in CMYK format (images and colour swatches) - unless spot colours are required. For spot colour printing jobs please choose the relevant Pantone colour swatch.

RGB and Spot Colour artwork can be printed digitally although, will be automatically converted to CMYK by our printing software.

NB: Digital printers are not able to print in RGB or Spot Colours and therefore will not appear as vivid as they do on screen. If supplying artwork in RGB or Spot Colour format for digital printing, it is advised that you view a hardcopy proof prior to printing.


In order to gain maximum quality from your artwork the optimum resolution for supplying artwork and images is 300dpi.
If artwork or images are supplied with a resolution less than 300dpi we cannot guarantee the quality of the final product.


Documents containing more than one page should be supplied with pages in the order of how they will appear in final product e.g. page 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.


Any artwork containing images or colour printed all the way to the edge of the page will require 3mm bleed. It is also safe practice to keep a ‘safe zone’ of at least 3mm inside the page size.

Any text or images of importance, that ARE NOT to be cut off during trimming, must to be kept at least 3mm away from the edge of the finished page size.


Via Email
USB Memory Stick

The client must supply our design team:

FONTS - A copy of all fonts used in creating the supplied artwork
IMAGES - All images to be packaged or supplied in a separate single folder for our designers to easily locate.
COPY - Any text file, written or typed content needed to complete your printing or design job.

If images are required in addition to images supplied by you - we are able to source high resolution images for a small fee.

Print Spot can not be held accountable if these conditions are not met and there is an error in the printing process.

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